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Warranty Information

Luxury Custom Golf Carts
Warranty Information

Coverage Overview


Trans Axle

Charger Plug Receptacle

Electronic Speed Controller

48 Volt to 12 Volt Converter

Brake Assembly

Wheel Hub & Bearing

Spindle & Swing Arm Assemblies

Steering Shaft & Components



Leaf Springs


Main & Sub Elecrical Wiring Harness



Pedal Assembly

Computer Fail Safe System

On-Board Computer (OBC)

OEM Lighting System

All Internally Lubricated Parts

Crankshaft & Bearings

Fuel Pump

Oil Pump

Internal Timing Gears Chain/Belt

Valve Lifters


Camshaft Bearings

Rocker Arm Assemblies & Push Rods

Valve Guides

Pistons & Rings

Connecting Rods

Pinion Bearing

Side Carrier Bearings

Ring & Pinion Gears

Carrier Assembly

Thrust Washers

Axles & Axle Bearings

Engine Block & Cylinder

Constant Velocity Joints

Internal Transaxle Seal

Driving Axle Housing



FAQs About Our Warranty

How Do I Update My Dealerships Contact Information?

Ensuring that Luxury Custom Golf Carts haw your up-to-date contact information is crucial. To refresh your details, please select CONTACT US and send us a message saying “I want to update my contact information.” Include the specifics that require updating, like your address, phone number, or email. Within five business days, we will revise your information in our system and send you an updated version of your protection plan.

Is Pickup And Delivery Covered Under The Luxury Custom Golf Cart Protection Plan?

Luxury Custom Golf Carts offers a benefit of $50 towards the pickup and delivery of a cart with a covered repair.

Do Luxury Custom Golf Cart Protection Plans Have A Deductible?

Electric carts covered under a Luxury Custom Golf Cart Warranty have a $0 deductible for covered repairs. Gas covered under a Luxury Custom Golf Cart Warranty cart have a $50 deductible for covered repairs.

When I Purchase A Luxury Custom Golf Cart Protection Plan, When Does My Coverage Begin?

Coverage begins at the date the golf cart and golf cart protection plan was purchased. Protection plans must be purchased at the time of the golf carts purchase. 

Do Customers Or Dealers Register The Luxury Custom Golf Carts Warranty?

Dealers, not customers are responsible for activating/registering their Luxury Custom Golf Cart protection plan. Protection plans are to be registered by the dealer on the date the golf cart is delivered to the customer. 

Is My Luxury Custom Golf Cart Warranty Transferrable?

Luxury Custom Golf Carts Protection plans on both refurbished and new carts are fully transferrable as long as there is a period of time remaining on the plan. Refurbished golf carts will simply have a defined period of time remaining on the plan at the time of transfer. Because original OEM warranties are not transferrable, any Extended Protection Plans that are still current on a new golf carts will begin the day that a transfer has been initiated.

Protection plans are associated with a unique cart serial number and customer name and must be transferred to remain valid. Customers wishing to transfer their warranty to a new owner will simply advise the new owner to notify Luxury Custom Golf Carts within 30 days of the bill of sale date of the ownership transfer and provide a copy of the bill of sale along with a $50 transfer fee. Luxury Custom Golf Carts will provide the new owner with an updated protection plan reflecting the new owner and date of expiration within 5 business days of fulfillment of the transfer requirements.

As A Luxury Custom Golf Cart Dealer, How Do I File A Claim?

We’ve made a quick and easy way for our dealers to help customers and get paid fast. If you’re an approved Luxury Custom Golf Cart service center, here’s how you can use our claims process:

  • Send an Email: Email us at claims@luxurycustomgolfcarts.com. Include the customer’s name, contract number, and a short explanation of their issue.


We’re here to help you assist our customers and ensure you’re paid promptly.